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Chase de Vere, in partnership with the Guild of Air Traffic Controllers (GATCO)

Since 1969 Chase de Vere has been helping individuals throughout the UK navigate the path towards a successful financial future – as one of the country’s leading independent financial advisers. We are proud to have built a reputation for complete independence, expertise and quality service.

Individual Members

As we advance through our lives and our careers, our needs and priorities change – and so too should our financial plans. Being aware of which stage of life you are at will help you anticipate your future financial needs, and give you the opportunity to position yourself better for the future.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thinking even just a few years ahead could make a significant difference to your financial welfare, whether it’s a short term goal, buying a new home perhaps, or longer term, such as saving for retirement.

Using our experience and knowledge we can provide expert advice on tax efficient savings and investments, contingency planning for loss of income, pensions and retirement. We have specialist advisers trained to assist members of all types of pension schemes and with other complex financial matters. We help individuals make sound financial planning decisions at every stage of their life.

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